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Monday, September 5, 2011

Image of Birth of a Nation: Bangladesh

1971 is the most important year in the history of Bangladesh. Because in this year the country born after a nine month war in exchange of 40 lac lives. But the time is nearly forgotten.
In this post I will try to remind you the glorious days by providing you some rare images of our liberation war and the movement before and after the war. Share it with your friends because we all should see what our patriot ancestors did for our liberty.
[curtsey: Fuad Hizbullah]

Dhaka 1971 (feb) - Bangabandhu with newly elected MNA's and MPA's at Engineering Institute

Dhaka 1969 - Sheikh Mujib titled as Bangabandhu at Race Course 23rd February

Dhaka 1969 (January) - Sheikh Mujib on his way to the Special Tribunal on Agartola case

Dhaka 1971 - 15th February, Joy Bangla Bahini presented guard of honour to Bangabandhu at DU campus

Ramna 1971 - Triumphant Mukti Bahini commander addressing his comrades

Dhaka 1971 - A column of Mukti Bahini walk through the village near Dhaka

Dhaka 1971 - Bangabandhu raises flag of independence at Dhanmondi Road 32

Dhaka 1971 - Razakars who were suspected of having collaborated with Pakistan's reign of terror are executed in front of the public

Dhaka 1971 (dec) - Indian Forces entering Dhaka

Ramna 1971 - Pakistan Surrenders on 16th December

Ramna 1971 - Pakistan Surrenders on 16th December

Ramna 1971 - Pakistan Surrenders on 16th December 1

Dhaka 1971 - Shameless Pakistani Gen. A.A.K. Niazi, right, signs terms of surrender with Indian Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora on December 16, 1971

General Niazi being escorted by Major Haider and General Aurora to surrender in 16 th December

Paltan 1971 - Jubilant general population on 16th December

Topkhana 1971 - Jubilant general population on 16th December

Dhaka 1971 (dec) - Razakars begging for mercy

Dhaka 1972 - Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman holding kerchief weeps upon his entrance into a liberated Dhaka

Dhaka 1972 (mar) - Indira Gandhi's speech at Race Course

Kurmitola 1971 - Bomb damage at Airport

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