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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Biggest Of The World

It’s always interesting to find out what is the biggest or largest of a kind in the world. Those are sometimes amazing, sometimes disgusting. But I am sure it’s worth to know for all of you.

If you don’t see the biggest, how can you be the bigger??

World's Largest Goldfish

It might look like an enormously generous fairground prize. But no goldfish bowl in the world could contain this catch. The orange koi carp weighs 30lb – the same as an average three-year-old girl – and is thought to be one of the largest of its kind ever captured.

Biggest waist (fattest man)

Walter Hudson had a waist of 302 cm. That’s bigger than the height of the world’s tallest man who was 272 cm.

World's Largest Chocolate Bar

It is a chocolate lover's dream. Armenian company Grand Candy unveiled the world's largest ever -chocolate bar — a 10-inch-thick slab weighing in at 9,720 pounds and measuring 18.4 feet by 9-feet. In a televised ceremony, representatives of Guinness World Records measured the dark-chocolate bar and handed a document to company managers certifying it as the new record-holder.

World's Largest Sand Carpet

When one thinks of sand art, sand castles are what often comes to mind, but Tibetan Buddhist monks have long designed magnificent mandalas out of colored sand, for which Iranian artists have put a new spin to — famous for their traditional Persian rugs, a group of artists have taken it to a whole new level by creating the world's largest sand carpet. The unique 39,370.078 square foot (12,000 sq. meter) world record carpet was created by 25 visual artists made entirely of 70 types of colorful sand found on the country's southern island seashores of Hormuz, widely known for its red soil, to create the ‘Persian Gulf' sand carpet.

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